Friday, May 1, 2015

Allgäu 2

Because I live in the area and there are still so many things I didn't see, explored and/or  photographed, I will post another Allgäu series of shots that could be followed by another at one point in time.
As for today I will also post some infos about Allgäu.

Allgäu is a region in South Germany that covers south of Bavaria, south-eastern Baden-Württemberg and small parts of Austria.
Allgäu is famous for its beautiful landscapes and is popular for vacations and therapeutic stays. It is well knows also for farming , especially dairy products."Allgovia" is ocasionally used as a synonym for the region. It is also a very popular ski destination in the winter. Also the world renowned castle of Neuschweinstein is in the eastern part of Allgäu.