Sunday, January 31, 2016

Not a nipple via /r/funny

This is what North America would look like on Jupiter. via /r/woahdude

Going hard on tinder. via /r/funny

Three female college roommates...Found this on kitchen countertop via /r/funny

Water Whiskey Mix Switch via /r/woahdude

Harvesting olives via /r/woahdude

Stray cat asking for more tuna via /r/cats

choosing the movie via /r/funny

This guy used google autocomplete to fill in his online dating profile via /r/funny

Kitty in a tiny chair. via /r/cats

Mogwai eyes via /r/cats

When your baby is born as a sith via /r/funny

I'm starting to think my house looks like it's more for the cats than us via /r/cats

this statue is wild via /r/woahdude

Keeping each other warm in winter via /r/cats

The ultimate pun via /r/funny

She lives in the bag now via /r/cats

Exploding Garbage Truck via /r/woahdude

"Did I say you can stop?" via /r/funny

Dorm life, yo. via /r/funny

Disappearing truck via /r/woahdude

I've got the money if you've got the stuff via /r/cats

Sticking To It via /r/funny

Cat knows how to get head rubs via /r/funny

Meet Violet, our new forever kitty! via /r/cats

Honest mistake, I swear. via /r/funny

And then there was one... via /r/woahdude

Mom you are embarrassing me via /r/funny

The center of this orchid flower looks like a tiny bird reading a book via /r/woahdude

He was hiding from the vet via /r/cats

Do you know where the cat's bin? via /r/cats

Applying for new jobs via /r/funny

Dog doesn't want to sleep in his cage via /r/funny

It's the thought that counts. [x-post from r/facepalm] via /r/funny

I got him a cat bed but he prefers to lie like this on the floor. via /r/cats

When ever he's out of town for a couple of days he brings her back a present via /r/funny

Well, I guess I'm not moving anytime soon. via /r/cats

Enjoying the sunset... via /r/cats

Going for a stroll. via /r/woahdude

Close up of ink flowing across the palm of a hand via /r/woahdude

I like the nature, but... via /r/funny

New 2k footage of 24 hours on earth via /r/woahdude

A bar near my town framed their bathroom vandalism. via /r/funny

when mom says dinner is ready via /r/funny

They do know he was the villain, right? via /r/funny

Can't get me lucky charms, pussy!! via /r/funny

We went to get breakfast. Left the iPad playing an hour long YouTube video of birds. We came back to find Taco in the same spot we left. via /r/cats

The morning paper via /r/woahdude

Warming via /r/funny

Whenever I have a cold via /r/funny