Saturday, April 30, 2016

I wonder... via /r/funny

Gas prices are falling via /r/funny

Crazy cat! 😂 via /r/cats

Stroke my belly.....and kiss my paw via /r/cats

Grape Agate via /r/woahdude

My boy Frank via /r/cats

Blowback via /r/woahdude

Someone wants to fuck my truck via /r/funny

Never get between an iguana and his stuffed counterpart. via /r/woahdude

There are 13 circles behind Twitter's logo design. via /r/woahdude

Am I Cute or Not? Ooooh!!!! via /r/funny

Guy in my neighborhood helping passersby out via /r/funny

Vortex made by rear wing of an F1 car. via /r/woahdude

Trying for a second kid, this is my response to my wife night after night. via /r/funny

These pet rocks are raised in miserable, overcrowded conditions via /r/funny

Old cat and new cat reach an understanding via /r/cats

What a goal!! via /r/funny

thumbs come in handy via /r/woahdude

Kicking it old school via /r/funny

Time-Lapse of a Container Ship via /r/woahdude

Special parking spot via /r/funny

South African drivers obeying their traffic laws. via /r/funny

One of six kittens found after a bad storm via /r/cats

My nephew was asked to wave for his uncle... via /r/funny

Melting Cotton Candy via /r/woahdude

TNT Traffic Network Takeover – Or how to blow your money away

TNT Traffic Network Takeover – Or how to blow your money away

Nice set of chrome rims. via /r/funny

Roof Jump via /r/woahdude

Transgender Bathroom via /r/funny

Gymnast Damian Walters frontfips over a house. via /r/woahdude

Welcome to Australia. via /r/funny

If she gets to hold her own yarn she lets me knit. Fair enough. via /r/cats

John Oliver with Steven Hawking via /r/funny

The Princess Bride - NOW WITH PUPPIES! via /r/funny

Good question, better answer. via /r/funny

Second Best Amazon Review Ever via /r/funny

I fell in love this week. Everyone, meet Wendy! via /r/cats

Rest in peace Maggie. You were only 6 months old and didn't deserve this. via /r/cats

Apparently this is comfortable? via /r/cats

I almost stepped on this. Didn't have a banana had to improvise. via /r/woahdude

I thought my life was alright untill i saw this guy via /r/funny

Lightning in Space from the International Space Station via /r/woahdude

Clueless Gamer: "Mario Kart 8" With Seth Rogen & Zac Efron - CONAN on TBS

some nice colors via /r/woahdude

Don't leave me... via /r/cats

Proud parent via /r/funny

"Excuse me sir, your house is in my way" via /r/funny

Boy chewed her way into a loaf of bread and spread it like confetti through the house. This is her punishment. via /r/cats

Meet Moochie! I'm adopting him tomorrow, any tips for first time owner? via /r/cats

The elegance and skill of Cirque du Soleil via /r/woahdude

Stay safe out there! via /r/funny

Dozens of toys and they still choose the grocery bag... via /r/cats