Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My little ball of energy, Thunderpuff.

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NSFW Care for a dildo?

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Loving the new cat tree

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It took me 8 months of diet and exercise. I'm down 140 pounds!

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My cat has a strange love of being upside down, she does this everywhere she can...

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This sums up dogs perfectly

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My Father made this huge sign for his garage sale

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Pretty sure everyone has had a few white shirt guy moments in their life

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10ft wall, you say?

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100,000 volts of electricity running through ballistic gel

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Just brought home a Munchkin kitten. Her name is Sofie

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This may have blown my mind more than any other youtube video.

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Gus pretending his yawn is a roar

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Worst coloring book in the galaxy

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Molten Copper vs Dry Ice

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Robots are just drunk people

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Great Dane running at 30 mph

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premature ejaculation

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Tackling dummy

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Found at a laundromat in London, UK.

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Rupert Drop vs Hydraulic press

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I tried to do something besides play with her. It didn't last long.

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I got fed up with Craigslist and decided to get creative in my search for a roommate.

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Care for a beer?

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Aerospike Nozzle Rocket Propulsion

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P.E at last period

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DAE do this?

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Um...Thank you?

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Now that summer is coming up

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Mama has decided that it's time to move.

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Pooped all over himself, gave him a bath, this is the after result. He still hates me.

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My cat wants you to look at his huge belly, and pet it, and play drums on it.

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A bunch of liberal bullshit

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True Love Never Dies

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The hidden message that got James May fired in '92

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So deep

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This is how you weed out the lazy ones

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Underwater Footage of 4x4 RC Trucks Water Crossing

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my girl isn't too happy about going to the vet

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Found this little guy lying around on my 3rd floor balcony after coming home from school!

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Lava fountain frozen during eruption, Tanzania

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The Canadian equivalent to "Hail Hydra"

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Previously feral Layna has become a "nurse" for Scarlett, our senior special needs foster girl. She spends time with her during difficult moments, while still being very respectful and aware of her disabilities.

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Son, It's time for the talk...

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Turkish coffee

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Thaddeus, slayer of feet!

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Trippy Slide

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This guy trying to rob my cell phone in the middle of a fucking flood

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Finding Reddit

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Bring me Solo and the Wookiee...

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