Thursday, June 30, 2016

Everyone said "don't feed her!". Meet Marigold, my new cat. via /r/cats

I left some fake animal facts at the L.A. Zoo via /r/funny

What happens if you pour water onto hot oil! via /r/woahdude

This horse should probably consider a different career... via /r/funny

Calvin and Hobbes in 3D via /r/woahdude

Getting ready to adopt her from a friend. How old do you think she is? via /r/cats

We adopted this handsome fella 4 months ago and he's totally stolen my heart! via /r/cats

I made a black hole out of coffee and spices via /r/woahdude

Evolution of Life via /r/woahdude

Baseball pitcher optical illusion. via /r/woahdude

Caterpillar mimics snake via /r/woahdude

Purrrito looking right at the camera. via /r/cats

She adopted us and promptly took over via /r/cats

This is Jukedeck. A website that uses an advanced AI to instantly compose a new, original and never before heard song to your specifics. And frankly: woah! via /r/woahdude

Okay that's enough news for today... via /r/funny

My girlfriend got revenge on a serial food thief. via /r/funny

The perks of working from home (: via /r/cats

Opening the oven to check your pizza. via /r/funny

We have a similar morning face. via /r/cats

I had to take 3 months off in therapy to get my shit together. While I did that I asked my sister to take care of my cat. Turns out she was the perfect person to do that, and he was a good boy. via /r/cats

I could watch this over and over. (HARRYMANIA 2) via /r/woahdude

How I found my cat this morning. via /r/cats

High amount of wat on this one via /r/funny

Meet Bandit, he was born with extra thumbs! via /r/cats

Wife didn't appreciate this. Thought you guys may. via /r/funny

Don't look down... via /r/woahdude

Bird sleeps where he wants to sleep via /r/funny

Oh god, oh god, OH GOD. (Xpost from r/instant_regret) via /r/funny

Just shit in a box all on her own :'^) via /r/cats

Home made 200W laser via /r/woahdude

I was never a cat person, in fact I've always hated cats. One day my wife brought a kitten home. Three years later, I don't know what I'd do if something ever happened to our beautiful cat. via /r/cats

My inclination would be to stick with using a volleyball, but they're the experts via /r/funny

He's got my vote via /r/funny

Airport Camera Catches Meteor via /r/woahdude

Ryan Reynolds on skydiving via /r/funny

Stay safe. Don't be "that guy" this weekend. via /r/funny

Upside down via /r/funny

Before you hit next, the horse is wearing glasses. via /r/funny

German Engineering. via /r/funny

Photo mashup via /r/woahdude

A car with omnidirectional wheels via /r/woahdude

Eleven years old, and he still really wants you to play with him via /r/cats

The Lanister Cousin via /r/funny

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This scarf, the Ishu, makes you impossible to photograph via /r/woahdude

The difference adoption makes - Cyanide's "before" and "after" via /r/cats

She thought she was being helpful with the sewing pattern. She wasn't, really. via /r/cats

Polarized Light Microscopy of various Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Illicit Drugs via /r/woahdude

the more I wattch it the more I laugh via /r/funny

A truck that turns into a house via /r/woahdude

Wellington is a handsome young chap! via /r/cats