Friday, September 30, 2016

She outgrew her bed, yet still uses it even though I bought a bigger one. via /r/cats

When you are high af and try to be quiet getting back in the house. via /r/funny

Vincent the first day in his new home. via /r/cats

Taco is no pleased with my craft work via /r/cats

Have you had to walk 500 miles? via /r/funny

Construction workers take the hard hat challenge via /r/funny

Shot taken by the Rosetta space probe shortly before crashing onto Comet 67P today via /r/woahdude

Look who I've met today. It seemed like she's been waiting there for someone to pet her. via /r/cats

Salvador, ensconced in floof via /r/cats

A girl walks up to a bar via /r/woahdude

The black cat is not a snuggler but won't leave her side; she has lung cancer. via /r/cats

If you zoom in super close... you can see my dog shitting in the left corner via /r/funny

Low IQ & A via /r/funny

Superhero problems via /r/funny

Wells Fargo employee opening customer ghost accounts via /r/funny

Thirsty? via /r/woahdude

You're not gonna get a post title from me via /r/funny

This is his "There's food in my bowl but I can see the bottom so I think it's empty" face. via /r/cats

Miniature landscape of elephants carved from a pencil, by Cindy Chinn via /r/woahdude

When your home improvement project doesn't turn out as planned. via /r/funny

Stall at my local petsmart via /r/funny

There's always that one guy in the gym via /r/funny

Invasive Species via /r/funny

Inspirational via /r/funny

Best photo I could get out of my new foster kittens via /r/cats

Someone learned how to open the cabinet door. via /r/cats

Not sure if a repost... But I'm sure we can all relate.. via /r/funny

Bop it! via /r/funny

The most intense tennis game on wii via /r/woahdude

Some shelter cats aren't interested in your white girl fall basket photo. (Notice the tongue) =P via /r/cats

Cats are so weird via /r/cats

Those fucking updates via /r/funny

Japan workers getting good at doing work. via /r/woahdude

This is Zoe, she just turned 12 via /r/cats

Went to the local shelter today to volunteer and saw this beautiful boy via /r/cats

this is our buddy Hobbes. he is our pride and joy. we can't hold him much because he has early onset arthritis all over, but he loves to cuddle on our laps and purr all day. someone on reddit has been claiming him as theirs, but he is all mine and i want to share him with everyone! via /r/cats

This is Miso, the love of my life! Totally broke my lease's no pets rule to take her in when she was abandoned and left to starve by her previous owner. Ended up losing my security deposit, but I found my new best friend! via /r/cats

Largest Quartz Crystal via /r/woahdude

My kitten sitting like a human! via /r/cats

OC - 50% ethanol + 50% xylene chemical waste via /r/woahdude

Robot opening this door via /r/woahdude

Once-in-a-lifetime shot via /r/woahdude

The inner workings of a mechanical calculator via /r/woahdude

She stole my heart faster than any human ever has ❤️ via /r/cats

That's the last time I let him drive. via /r/funny

100% attendance record. via /r/funny

Fuck you I am a giraffe via /r/funny

Ramses is #STOKED for Halloween. He picked out his costume himself. 🦄 via /r/cats