Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Truly inspirational

Alternative lawbreaking

"Can you not leave your beard trimmings in the sink?"

Our kitten with our cat, so peaceful.

Waking Up On Psychedelics! (Realistic POV Replication Video)

Cat-ling Gun...!

He saw his chance and he took it

Gandalf, another ridiculously photogenic cat.

Jeez Minnie!

I need you to blow that deer's head off!

I want to get drunk at this bar.

Lava flowing

The only person we should be focused on bringing home for the holidays...

The Best Picture Ever Created

not sure it's the right subreddit

How can I possibly move

My maine coon Nobu at 7 months old they grow up so quick :)

Art made in Excel

Based on a 1995 study by 2Pac and Dr. Dre

No thanks

Light Painting

Accidental Snow White Cosplay

Testing out Nokia's new TV

I see your wife cable opening skills and raise you my girlfriend's avocado cutting skills.

My dad likes to get up to hijinks when left alone

Some perspective on a home

Sled dog has the runs

I've always hated Starbucks

A true form of evil (x-post from Doodles)

Watch the foreground

Just a massive penguin battle

2017 is going to be much better!

Must be magic

Motorcycle wipeout

Gandalf, 1 year later

He scratched up the couch so we gave him treats when he used his scratch board. Now he scratches it all the time and looks at me like this.

Such a perfect face!

It's been a long two months of hip dislocation recovery, but this little guy can finally sit in his favorite spot again.

I've been taken hostage!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Best $10 ever

My cat and a stray cat who lives in my yard having a moment.

This is how my wife decided to unpack her new cable

Do you even lift bro?

His favorite spot.

Parasite getting owned by white blood cells

Usually the student is the one making excuses 😂

Likes baths, nail trimmings and runs to the door meowing when someone knocks. He thinks he's a pug, I don't know where he got it.

Right after they announced Trump won. I've never seen him do this before and he hasn't done it since

Using a drone to explore a volcano

Old is gold...