Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sometimes he forgets to put his tongue away

A few months ago someone broke into my mom's car. They didn't take anything, but they did leave behind this handsome beast. Reddit, meet Major Tom.


Meet Dante. He's rescued me a lot this month from depression after I rescued him. And he's growing up so fast!

She's been sick (nothing serious just an upset stomach) and wouldn't let go. I guess this is how I'm spending new years.

Spare a thought

He's a master of disguise

Come at me bro

The difference

Live. Local. Late Braking.

Vancouver right now

Cutting thread

Slime stretch

A candle creating vacuum.

My beautiful boy enjoying the last tiny sliver of sunlight

Our Tinsel Princess has been "helping" us take decorations down.

My girlfriend is celebrating New Year alone with her cat instead of going out or talking to anyone..can't blame her though...

When you spend New Year's Eve with a much younger friend.


She likes to sleep next to me while I'm computering

I think I interrupted their meeting

Our two girls are getting better about sharing the blanket

When Mary Jane is in trouble but attendance is 20%.

Legend has it that hes still chasing it

Kamchatka Ice Cave, Russia

Just trying to look for a picture of knuckles for my Osteology class...

They hate each other except when they're on either my bed or one specific chair in the family room.

Long exposure of Roomba

But who better than a man with experience?

Christmas is gone, so is our tree.

"Look at my paws, I cleaned them all by myself"

Meet our new Bengal kitten, George! He purrs super loud and is generally insane.

So my grandfather just learned what a meme is, he sent me this (he is black btw)

Current mood...

Just doing what my wife asked

This is why we have a cynical, sarcastic generation

Laughs microscopically

My boyfriend who doesn't "like" cats

How Pokémon Go saved my cat's life

Girlfriend and I got a little kitty at the shelter this morning

Love is an empty emotion

Gyroscope Fidget toy

No better beef than dictionary beef

Gotta love off brand

Poor old Millie just had her last day on earth after nearly 20 years.

I'll tell you when I've had enough.

Ah. Childhood memories.

Dad, you're adopted.

This place has a booth for redditors

(Actually) nailed it!