Thursday, October 19, 2017

Solid Fatherly Advice

Our little girl Tipsu recently turned 4

Zebrafish larvea are tripping out

Smell This

3/5 appendages, 3+ lives used. Our grateful, aggressively loving, tripod Lily!

Spin cubes


Cutting through a block of ice

First date locations pros and cons

I'll get around to it!

Low cost cosplay

Magnetic cube table

I wonder how many takes this took?

My little blind cat heard me lock my car

Mario Kart in VR

A tie-dye shirt

Ratoh Jaroe - Indonesian sitting dance

Make up artistry

The eyes follow

The schnozberries taste like....

Just nod & smile

True story

My Girlfriend let me decorate the bathroom in our new house

Nothing but net

Trippiest Music Video I've Ever Seen

“Christ , it’s hugging me”

The new Ford GT kinda looks familiar to me.

What a time to be alive 🙌🏼

Found this little one while vacationing in Greece and brought her to Germany to live with me. 2 weeks and a lot of love later...

They're never more than 3 feet away from each other


By the power of Bast, I command thee be healed! My nurse cat was taking good care of me while I was sick from chemo.

This guy was parked in front of the shopping cart stall

Toothpicks and forks

IBM made a movie by moving individual atoms frame by frame. A Boy And His Atom (1:34)

Classic Fresh Prince insult

I guess I'm a dog person

This shower has been reserved for cats, sorry hoomon.

Life sux

The face of betrayal

Scenes never seen before

How to trigger every religion

Google isn't sure how many movies Jackie Chan has been in

You can just buy these signs on Amazon and stick them anywhere

Cats...the reason we can't have nice things.