Saturday, August 19, 2017

Painting The Universe

You have my business

This is why math is important

Some crazy dead plant on a power line down a backroad

Actual photo of a molecule looks just like diagram -- trippy

Otters see a butterfly

Always cite your sources

Today was ranch day at the high school.

Had to tug a bit, but I found the skimmer!

saw this on the car infront of us...

Cat thief

My dad just sent me this pic of our dog. The neighbors texted him in the middle of the day, "Your dog is on the roof..."

Baseball fan catches a ball

Microscopic 3-D printed sculpture of woman stands on a human hair

Mystery solved

This fresh dominoes display

Dadzilla vs. Mothra

In appreciation of all police officers making the world safer!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Yesterday we went to Petsmart, Blue's favorite part was the birds

Watson looking fierce!

Woahter slide

Thank you for the appreciation reddit. I have sacrificed a human just for you.

Like a glove

Loafing around.

Self-aware robot

Rescued this Senior fella after losing our cat. His human passed away and he ended up in the shelter. We are truly the perfect fit.

A few years ago, a friend and I made false corpses with sheets before leaving our hotel

The picture NASA doesn't want you to see.

Know the difference.

This is Clover's spot every time someone takes a shower. She likes to watch the water run down the drain.

Just met Christian Bale.

Organizing a maze

Weirdo just sittin' and chewin' the fat with us.

Got your nose!

Flip side

Brian Eno created the Windows 95 startup sound. Here it is slowed down 23x

Dough Air Pockets

When you fake throw the ball one too many times.

Yes, you are a good boy!

Morning you fucking weirdo

Straight gangsta

It's as if it was meant to be

The most honest "do not enter" sign of all time.

LAN party duct tape ceiling guy from another angle

Wholesome boy

All set for the solar eclipse.

As a police officer assigned to a middle school, I had to get my back to school picture done. I hope my wife packed a juice box.

Underwater Caves

Going down the Swiss Alpine Slide

Might be the wrong place, but the same sentence means 7 different things because we're humans. I thought it was cool