Sunday, December 31, 2017

My friend and I went to the pound today to look for a cat and we came across this beauty.. she’s getting her ❤️

Say hello to Carlos. He's a rescue and now my best friend.


My mother’s cat Corliss (RIP) went through a period toward the end in which she’d organize balls of yarn, carry them around the house, and guard them like they were the kittens she never had.

DDWIWDD (Dan Deacon “When I Was Done Dying”) -- Breathtaking animation.

This cloud that looks like a snowy mountain.

Stuck on best rest. Dr. Hugo is on call.

Fuck the police

It's already 2018 here in Asia. Happy New Year Reddit!

New Years Eve

Just saying.

Officer I'm not drunk. The truck is.

Ahh the things you find working in a bakery

Heated floors in our bathroom, kitten knows it's warmer underneath and wraps up like a blanket.

I lost my precious baby to FIV today. Her name was Bleki and she loved fish a lot. She was very spoiled and kept scratching our furniture, but we loved her anyways. She was like my own child to me. I already miss her so much. I'm just glad she doesn't have to suffer anymore.

Cashew likes to chill

I bought this fancy pillow for people who sleep on their sides....

My Persian Cat that was rescued from Kuwait. She really likes to go outside and see the snow.

Our contemplative and judgy floof

Mega Raving Trumpets, Digital, 1600x1600

The calm before the storm.......

Making Chili Con Carne in the Forest (1080p)

Amazon Prime

I don’t think this needs an in depth explanation. Enjoy my love bug ❤️

Playing Like A Pro!

In an alternate universe..

Homer Simpson

How to not get arrested

The horror of taking kids places

She's too drunk to notice

1 Hour of Amazingly Trippy Fractal Images - Your eyes will bleed!



My dog looks like she’s a floating head

Nic Cage at Walgreens in the tampon isle

Please give me an "I"

Junior enjoying a winter sunray

This is the look I get when I don't get up to feed her right away.

Donut made a house and he is very proud of it

Man records balloon going into space

5 Plastic Army Men Least Useful In Combat

My 1 month old kittens club photo.

You can only see it once

My cat is sleeping in my daughters Barbie dream house and he is even in the bed!

Is it a table or a shelf?

We don't deserve dogs

I can’t have coffee in peace

Tree people

My gf got me this ridiculous mug for Christmas

We put my little black cat to sleep yesterday. Her name was Pumpkin and she had a stump for a tail. She loved Doritos and ham. She had a raspy meow and purred nonstop every time I picked her up until the very end. She was only 12. I feel stupid about how completely broken my heart is.