Monday, June 26, 2017

Just a little doodle

Some racoons are working hard to break the dirty 'trash panda' stereotype

No response.

Rising Hourglass

53 billion pixel photo

I'm a bad person for finding these things funny

Thank you Reddit for making my dads day!

She doesn't know what privacy means, but she's really cute.

the pants

My dad has been trying to grow dads who can grow pineapples for the last year, today he succeeded, look how proud he is.

Couldn't find my dog this morning, I asked who wanted a treat and his head popped up. Now I know to check under pillows!

Amazing street performer

It took 3.5 years to achieve this happy snuggle and my heart is explodinggggggg đŸ˜»

Eleanor is one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen, although I might be biased

Meet Alaska. I believe she's malfunctioning.

Tetris IRL

Ferrofluid Digital Clock

I never considered myself a "cat" person, so it was just as surprising to me as anyone else when I brought this Poptart home exactly one year ago. I never expected I'd find the most charismatic, social, laid-back and hilarious companion. Happy One Year, little dude!

Wow cat

All. Day. Long.

Rey is a great laundry partner!

This is Mekong the day I found her and 1 month later. Found her on a small farm in Vietnam, her siblings had already died

Look how cute my princess is

Very proud in his Pride cape :3

Guy uses tree to open portal to a world inhabited only by bears

Kid can't handle the power the leaf blower gives him

Glass bottle melting in a microwave

Luminol and Hydrogen Peroxyde

The future is now.

Meet DalĂ­.

When you've been home for 4 hours and you look up and see 'LTE' instead of the wifi symbol

Mobile web pages in 2017

My pineapple has been trying to grow dads for the last year, today he succeeded, look how proud he is.

Everyone needs protection

This legendary scene from Alien, in which Alien licks Sigourney Weaver.

Human Touch

Everytime I browse Reddit

If we label GMO's

Doing a back flip

Schlieren Optics. Harvard demonstration lets you see air

Yup, pretty much

I found my sister's doppelgÀnger at the Coldplay concert in Gothenburg

My little lion guarding my Impala ❤️

Oh, they came back alright

Guy figures out how to always win carnival games. Cleans house