Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Oh, no! I'm out!

Forever Alone

Farm kittens are the best kittens

When asked what he would be if he wasn't a professional football player, Peter Crouch responded with: "A virgin".

Y'all need Satan

Beam down with us they said, fun time they said, go where no man has gone before they said...

Nice try, Microsoft...

Envy's Curse

It's so satisfying how smooth and round he is I love when he sleeps like this

Earlier this month, /r/cats removed itself from /r/all. Now we'd like your feedback on how it's going. Details within!

Boltz fought so hard, but his poor little body couldn't hold out any longer. See you someday, sweet boy.

Cat in a bag

I like to call this maneuver "cat scarf" (old picture)

Kai has found his place.

Slow Motion Water Balloon With Small Plastic Balls

Our two fluffy, cuddly pet circles

My affectionate girl

I love this little guy

That's the spot

Wal-mart Exclusive!

Pasta shells being made

Ice coming off parking meter

This is why you should fear the forest

Sarychev eruption as seen from the ISS

Because I'm tired of the "It doesn't matter."

When you weren't good enough for the avengers movie

Let's all give a hand to McDonald's packaging designers.

Imagine the pizza this came on

Jimothy looking dapper.

cats have it all admiration an endless sleep,and company only when they want it.

My beautiful little guy Ashke

My friend teaches 3rd grade. This kid has a bad case of the Mondays.

The new Coca Cola ad

Ice Castle Anyone?

Ever wondered why we need kneecaps?

Blood cells..

God's flan

College in a nutshell.

There's no need for an accountant

Breaking News

Cool demonstration of why we need kneecaps

Your in-flight movie this evening will be Barbershop

After a long day of chasing his laser...

"Yeah, I'd like a large pizza with extra pizza please"

How to adjust your genitals during a live interview

Thats a real woofer

Hail to the fluffy king, Sushie!

This is the shower I live with.

Little Japanese Pufferfish Creates Ornate Circles To Attract Mate