Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gyroscopic self-leveling pool table on a moving cruise ship

Man rescues Wolf from trap.

Don't deny it

He's always scouting for new talent

Someone didn't like La La Land

Interviewed at the beach

Woman Leaves Pissed Off Yelp Review, Owner Responds...

This guy gets it!

Only one year old and in ridiculous good health. Just love her and want to share.

Pinned by 3 at 5AM

Not one year ago, he was an angry and afraid (and skinny lol) rescue :)

Curious Penelope

I am one of them

In my defense, I was super hung over

Ice fishing

Sometimes me and Ben take siestas together.

Ellabelle's favorite pillow- The Male Human

This outdoor park in Seattle

Anna's hummingbird's iridescent gorget

Radical Judaism

funny how Nespresso's coffee descriptions could just as easily apply to farts

She would have got him too

Never a dull moment with this little man :)

Triple Axe Throwing

Good work Wikipedia

Accurate in every way

My friend is a zookeeper. This is one of her friends hanging out in her car on her break.

Sometimes she'll just dead stare directly above my head like she's looking at someone behind me that only she can see.

Nathan's first big boy bed

Kronosaurus fossil. Can you imagine what this beast looked like swimming through the ocean?

I hope there's a security camera to record all of it

Apparently none of that experience was with math


My beautiful Tanzania. She won't be around much longer, but we plan on making the time we have to be fantastic.

I don't have a Facebook so this is me texting all my friends today

My kind of workout

5 months ago I quit my job to make webcomics. Here are 50 of my best strips.

Cats are such graceful animals

Pizza made of legos

I guess thats one way of doing it

can't trust cats

Tiny Hawk

Glad to see my old bud has taking a liking to the new kitty

My local library's opinion on the Oscar mess up

Color shift

Tanner and his beautiful eyes

I present the most adorable cat couple

Beer toss

I lost my best friend yesterday and I will always miss him. ❤

5 minutes after he got a text that read "With 5 hot friends on a boat. Need guys!" he arrived...