Friday, March 31, 2017

Do you even Scyphozoa?

Doggo on the web

Boys and Girls

Moons over my hammy

Which side is the outside?

Atlanta already replaced the damage on I-85. It's a little aggressive.

Summer always lightly touching my leg while we watch Netflix together 😊

The road that stoppped the fire

Chubby raccoon dumpster struggle.

I get up to use the bathroom from video editing and I came back to this...Can never be mad at him even though he stole my seat :P

I told Tyrion that we were out of nip. He didnt approve

My SO got a cat and now I finally understand cat people, meet Sylus.

Every dot is moving in a straight line.

Sleeping in my wife's arms like this:

They don't always enjoy each others company but look at that!

An American badger has been captured burying the carcass of a cow – a previously unrecorded behaviour

Expert level beer pong

The other day this little guy ran away because of a careless act of one of my roommates but luckily he came back home excited to see me!

Mo. 16 years old. Standing post at her window spot.

Changing a tire on a moving car

This is a double portrait I drew with pastel recently, I hope you like it!

look closer

Ed Sheeran's diet tip

Two and a half years ago and now. Petey's a changed cat!

Uncle Ben(s), nooooo!

Happy Meetings Day

Chocolate Magic

Meanwhile in Australia, the situation grows dire.

This classic Gary Larson Far Side comic

Truly man's best friend

Star Wars IV - A New Hope in 30 seconds

This kid

Bollywood perfecting the art of the superhero film

First encounter with doggo at the vet

Dancer at basketball game makes half court shot by lobbing it backwards

A free skier from Switzerland just did a world-first: rotating five times while flipping off-axis four times

Cute cat shows off incredible skills with cup & ball game

Solving domestic violence, for good.

Stephen King's IT

Jaw dropping

My best friend Emmett who I just lost to FIP at only 8 months. Just wanted to share my handsome boy with the the internet.

Spencer likes to crawl in the sink and watch me while I'm getting ready in the morning.

Remain calm sir!

How to upload images on iStock Getty Images 2017

Each booth is an alternate reality

Chocolate sculpture "Nautilus"

So much deception.

Don't fuck with Hitcat

Horsing around

Each booth is an alternate reality.

A rare glance at the far side of the moon passing infront of the earth, as seen by NASA's DSCOVR.