Sunday, April 30, 2017

Art with polarized light

Moose fixes headlight

‪Euler's Disc‬‏

The Krumholtz tree. Winds caused it to grow in this way

This still has to be the best reactions to a lucky throw

Dog humour is brutal

He just realized he actually likes tummy rubs

Looks like a perfect fit.

7 new jobs

A puddle of cat on my couch

Picture from the top

Soothing Gold

r/cats, meet Luna

Look into our eyes.

My cat has seen some shit

Bought a new bed for the dog so that he will give me more space on my bed.....this is what happened

This photo is basically my dream come true - nighttime hand holds & snuggles with the two loves of my life.

Emerald Splash [4k]

Barely Symmetrical - (watch fullscreen in portrait mode on a phone or tablet)

Lancetfish caught off the coast of Hatteras,North Carolina

"Only a worthy can sit next to me"

Trunks as big as trees

Thor's mane is coming in nicely

Real friends get in the deepest crap with you

When you lock your mum out of the car after she has put the groceries in the back.

"I don't know why hoomans like coffee it tastes like something belongs to my bathroom"

Game over

Blacklight tattoo

Went to bed at 1 pm with a huge anxiety attack. Five minutes later these two joined me and started giving me head bunts - the best SSRI in the world.

Pizza Cat gave birth to two tiny calzones!

Google translate is a little glitchy

It's amazing how far the human race has come.


Great White Close-Up

Someone shot me with a pellet gun. The vet says I'll be ok but I'm a little on edge now.

I knew it!

Ball of death

God don't got time for your whining bullshit!

You should try it.

Perfect for orange juice...

Don't we all?

Anakin please

MIB predicted kim K

Beautiful words.

i'm a good boy, but don't push me.

After his disappearance six weeks ago, I found my cat!

Attempting to work on my final paper for a class, I have plenty of "help"

For his birthday he ate grass and a spider

Levitating metal die

Grandpas in the future be like