Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This is what happens when you forget your work badge at home.


Jumping A Bike Over A Water Pond

Not a lot of people understand the undying love I have for this little guy, but I know r/cats will understand. Danny steals my heart every day.

Adopted this adorable little snaggle-tooth, stub-tailed weirdo last month­čś╗

Clouds over Kansas

This weird Japanese Rube Goldberg machine has a better plot than 90% of movies

Now that's a carpool lane

It's the simple things..

The Trifecta

My girlfriend sent this to me to cheer me up - Finding Emo.

A war monument in Serbia

The baseball game went late last night, and my cat fell asleep waiting for it to finish. (OC)

This kid is going places. Probably back to the orphanage...but places.

Album of r/Showerthoughts put to pictures

What your fingerprints say about you.

Enjoying the evening together

Polygonal Star Lord

Hard work at school vs. hard work at work

Still sea in the morning (Greece)

This is so metal......

Shit happens

This is my cat, Laura Palmer. How cute is she?

Happened today in Rubio, Mexico

Heavy equipment climbing a cliff

This a 2D sketch

I'm a soda!

Photo colorization artists use a combination of research, physics, and technology to digitally reconstruct history's black and white record.

Stoner dog

Found this little girl outside yesterday, no mama, no we adopted her

Me trying to reach my goals.

Twitter is in point today...

Just adopted this sweet girl last night. Meet Sophia! The explorer of a home without bars.


That's an interesting name for a barber shop

30 seconds after walking into the Lanai Cat Sanctuary today

The boiling heart of earth


Symmetric Penmanship

An example of how Fibonacci fractals appear in nature

Reddit, I'm beyond happy to introduce the newest members of my family....Bowie, Freddie, Layla, and Lola.

She stayed like this for almost 5 minutes.

Had to have my 13 year old cat put down today. RIP Maddie, you were such a sweet cat and I miss you so much.

Google's deep dream algorithm working its magic

Same bear, two years later

My parents new cat was being super cuddly with me this morning whenever I went near the kitchen. Eventually found this.

Braiding machine for carbon fibre

This drawing is meant to show a guy that hides his feelings. To me, it looks like he is thinking about some sad kid and laughing his ass off.