Saturday, May 27, 2017

This is why you have to disable the built-in wifi on TV screens

City Scape- pen and ink drawing- 20'' X 24''-paper

Poor Katy

Thin Wall of Smoke

My cat had life saving surgery Monday night. She's finally home.

Urban sunbathing.

Stormy appears to be out for the night.

Never answer your phone during a concert

Mom, I told you to knock first!

Two faced

I think goats are just trying to prove a point now

This Domino's driver is the real hero!

This was meant to be a cute picture.

3D printing a hairy lion

His face when he watches birds....

Banana Flambe

My cat stood on my windshield to welcome me home.

Raw birch Geometric painting-48'' X 48'' X 1''-oil/acrylic

Note that my co-workers daughter wrote to him

The serial number for this toilet at a Washington State Park.

The leader and his follower.

A demonstration of Schlieren optics

Semi-Automated Hot forging of making a crankshaft

Winnie Harlow a model with vitiligo

Meet Eugene. He got an infection as a kitten that took his eyes. 9 months later, he's a big fat spoiled brat.

We fished him out of a dustbin at a gas station. He's basically a model. World, meet Goblin.

Tying a tie!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Spotted a mama cat gently carrying her child today

Optical illusion

Dad picks up his son after school

Mind blown

Burning a dandelion

No stealing from Khajit.

In a parallel universe

Fidget spinners

A slice of aloe vera

The local PDs guide to keeping thieves out of your vehicle

On your way Lord Commander.

Man Spends 36 Years Carving Into Mountainside To Bring Water To His Village

This dog...

Asti and her old eyes

Mika got caught drinking from a water glass that he knew was not for him 👅

Eat your vegetables

When a stuffed toy cat is bigger than your kitten

She's chubby, she's grumpy, and she bites, but she is ours. Reddit meet Polly.

My baby turned 1 today!

Eyes Ball

The Simpsons gets it.

Blazing Saddles

Disney cartoons are getting fucking DARK