Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Vaccine time for the foster kittens

Kai found a box! She's very pleased with herself now.

Will be adopting this cutie boy once he's weaned!

My absolute favorite of the Pineapple Dad series...

Child's hand/germ-print.

How to get me motivated to work out.

Pillow talk

Help me, Obi Wan Cat-nobi. You're my only hope.

Never short of company when using the bathroom.

two days ago you all offered countless words of support in regards to my kitten Flapjack who was terminal with leukemia. last night, he passed away peacefully in the arms of my boyfriend, they were especially bonded. here's them cuddling in happier and healthier times. RIP Flappy.

Ahoy mateys!

Milky Way Star Survey


Making a gear with a CNC machine

A smile for your tuesday

A Transformer!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This is Blep- he is one week old and will be my first kitty cat 😻

WARNING: Be STONED AF before watching. Have a safe trip.

This leaf with the heart of a giraffe

Poor pup is in over his head at his new job

Dad Inception

Blasé? Indifference? Reminiscing? What is this look?

She needs to be involved in everything I do.

Forgot something officer?

The Shadow Of A Dodecahedron

Crescent Earth from the Moon

I booked my flight online and chose the "Vegetarian Oriental" meal. This is what I got.

She wanted to be the wolf

My dad has been trying to grow infinite dads for the last year, today he succeeded, look how proud they are.

One Wish

Reddit, meet Petey, my new to me 6 year old Ragdoll who sleeps weirdly

The "Clutch Crutch", a hands free alternative to crutches

My cat has officially let herself go.

Rare photo of Kanye West smiling.

Hydrodynamic levitation

Unintentionally sharing food

My flat faced baby

Lucky Helmet....

Came back from college to see my high school sweetheart

Blending in

My angel

See, I told you I could fit...

"I bet you can't touch your nose with your tongue!"

Turning a fruit into a vegetable.

Oakland Turf Dancers

Colors in your brain

Just a simple line graph

The water flying onto this elephant looks like an elephant too

Isn't she regal?

This is Muffin. Muffin is my best pal.