Monday, July 31, 2017

PC mouse vs. acetone vapor


Not sure if I should be concerned or Texas.


Baby Announcement.

Rest in peace my sweet baby boy... Fuki, 2010-2017.

I think my kitten wants me to stop playing games

I too hope to achieve Nic Cage levels of coolness one day

"When people tell me that my gif looping skills suck"

When two wrongs make a right

Iridescent Lamborghini

The Pussy Deflector Mk. I

"What're you doing here?"


Go to get baptized with one of these in your pocket.

Taken with my cellphone of course

Furious mother, you're doing amazing sweetie

Bus for scale

"Black As Your Soul" bathbomb looks like you're expelling demons from your body

He protec but he also attac

Being black in China

512gb SanDisk SD card (1956)

I believe you

My grand-cat...Trunks...

The suspension on this rally car.

A woody is a woody

Happy Birthday!

Olivia is my anxious little girl who bonded with my son who also has anxiety. He's been gone for a few weeks visiting with his dad. If she isn't crying outside his room she's waiting for him to come home.

This is Spooky, Queen of The Multiverse, she has gone to the next phase of existence. She shall be remembered.

I should buy a bird

In the eyes of a 12-year-old COD gamer...

This lipstick

Cracked Computer Screen

I hear Reddit hates online courses

She survived two intense earthquakes, and several ex girlfriends. Rest in peace Rosie. My beautiful girl

My beautiful Sweet Dee.

Meet Uma

Check this out

A postcard from my brother.

My sweet boy, Tidus, passed away yesterday. I've never been so heartbroken.

Damn flamingos

I always keep one of these bad boys in my wallet... just in case ;)

How grapes are made.

My favorite mistake

Survived the kids' slumber party.

Wife got me some new socks today

Orange medal winners in synchronized napping


I'm fostering a kitten for a few days. His name is Boba Fett and he is the cutest little thing ever.

Got married on Friday and my 11 year old niece left me GREAT advice!