Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The best way to exlpain coding.



"Oh, some delicious water OHMYHOLYSHITFUCK im fine"

So I bought and built him this tree. But where is he chilling ? ...

This sign at a pizza restaurant.

If video games have taught me anything, this guy is selling rare items that I'll need later in my quest

Frankie sometimes sleeps with curled up paws

Cat Massager

Whip Physics.

Don't talk to me or my son, ever again! (I present you, Sterling Mallory Archer. Codename: Potato.) Wouldn't leave my shoulder for hours!

My husband and I adopted this beautiful lady over the weekend - she just needs a name!

They thought it was camera

16 years old and only a few white whiskers to show for it. Still hares around after invisible objects like a kitten. Love her ❤️

Sharks Rule

I tried to take a picture of the sunset but a bird totally ruined it....

Recently adopted cat has been under the bed since we got her two days ago. Poor spooked kitty

A free standing ring of pringles

My chickens are gangster. yo.

Was at the Louvre yesterday and just HAD to find Ducreux

How the light reflects, refracts and scatter inside and through this magnifying glass

On Saturday, I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 18 years.

Definitely caught Pinky and The Brain plotting something...

5,000 piece puzzle with each piece an individual color.

One lesson left to learn....

"Guys you'll never believe what... guys?"

This is Willow. She has helped me through one of the toughest time of my life. Only thing that puts a smile on my face anymore.

Raven sums up my thoughts on vegetarian food.

Recycled pen casts shadow of what it's made of. Post found from r/oddlysatisfying

Ho-Chi Minh Skies

My 92yo YouTuber Grandpa wants stoners to subscribe to him on "The YouTube" to get to 1k before his 93rd bday... pls halp cuz i def dont have that many friends and its entertaining af

"Hey Ι'm a cat, it's what Ι do."

My kitten thinks she's a pony and who am I to crush her dreams

Long exposure of train leaving the station.

It's a sad day.

Looks like we have a customer.

I felt left out I with my friends posting their baby announcements so I posted an "expecting" announcement of my own.....we're getting a kitten.

I Finally Tried Fish N' Chips

It's nice to see a kid with dedication to science...

My friend shot this breathtaking photo when he went shark diving in Hawaii

This Video is not in Reverse.

my girl always asks for belly rubs

Holding shift in google maps

Demo of 4 Colour printing with acrylic slides

Have you seen my dad?

Boop! Boop! Boop! Chomp

My grandma got a label maker