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Monday, June 18, 2018

RIP my love. 14 years of sleeping on my chest, bringing me mice and other presents, couldn’t stop her going out and getting hit by a car. Praying that she didn’t suffer.

Update on abandoned cat pet request

The widest loaf

This dude is going to be a heart breaker

Whoever abandoned this needs to do some explaining

Meatball was just like me... Kinda weird and loved a cold beverage. I had to put him down after 13 years, today. Catch you in the void, little guy... You were one of a kind.

Leonidas, investigating me in the bath tub. Conclusion: humans are nuts.

Apollo tucked himself into bed.

Meowbow 🌈

Sunday, June 17, 2018

My first cat. He's so chill and cuddly.

He looks surprised that he was found

Duchess lives to irritate her brother.

Mona is so stunning

Ninja cat

This is Oscar. He’s a precious bean and I love him.

a very photogenic cat from a cat cafe in Japan

My boy and I picking the wife up from work

Golden Eye stops by my house every Sunday morning like clockwork.

A pair of fluffy ginger paws to cheer you up

Heard a noise behind my bed so i looked and this is what was looking back at me