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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sir Nibbler in all his glory

King Vigo barely fits in his basket

First ride for the kitty

I woke up to a very intense purring, this one was watching me sleep 💘 he’s the love of my life

Literally the only reason I use portrait mode on my phone 😍

So i noticed the mailman looking weird at our mailbox lately. Didn't know why until today, i found my cats new sleeping spot.

The look of pure betrayal your cat gives you at the vet

This is my boyfriends kitty Bluebell and she's 22! she was born in lanzarote, moved to cornwall for about 13 years and now shes living it up in the south of spain! I think shes had a better life and has better health than anyone i know

This is Hunter. He let me take him home today. I’m already in love ♥️🐱

My 3-legged cat’s favorite way to lounge

Butters has high anxiety and very sweet eyes. Say hi!

Meet Victor, our neighborhood stray. Finally convinced him my apartment is a safe place to chill.

My boys having a nap

I painted my cat Enzo on my nail

My cat surprised us with a litter of kittens (long story), but then she eventually rejected this little girl. I’m now handfeeding her every 2 hours and she’s making progress, but she has a ways to go. She just hit 8.75 oz today.

She just wanted to touch the bee :(