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Monday, November 20, 2017

Juniper Sugarpaws talking to some dragonflies

Despite being adopted at different times and live in a home with multiple cats, Bucky and Sam are best pals and have become inseparable.

Winter cuddles on the cat chair

"so you're saying that meowing at 6am cause I'm hungry is wrong and I shouldn't do that?" Happy Birthday, buddy

This is Chicken.

My 9 year old cat never showed affection. I came back from a 3 day trip and woke up to this.

Lil miss Penny Lane ..getting her grin on 😇 happy baby feline

Sir McKitty the brave

My one-eyed huggy bear. She also has crooked fangs that stick out, an ear tip, and she farts like a champ. She's also the sweetest, kindest girl in the world. She was a feral who nursed the orphaned kittens at her foster home and slowly grew to trust people.

My cat went missing several years ago... I searched everywhere for her but still catch myself hoping I'll find her in a random internet cat post.

Meet Tesla, the most gentle soul in the entire universe.

[x-post /r/floof] This floof lives at Disneyland. His name is Giovanni.

Found yesterday in the middle of one of the busiest roads in my city. We go in for a full check-up tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Dinner time and our deaf cat is fast asleep, but her sense of smell seems to work just fine...