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Thursday, April 20, 2017

His favourite blanket must remind him of mother

I have never seen a cat sit like this.

This is MooMoo. She's 14 years young and loves hanging around on the railing...

I left the window open and this madam got in

My pretty boy ❤️ the sensational Coco

Rare photo of singing cat in his natural habitat

Bubba...I love this kitty more than words can say.

What the hell was that sound!? Late night noises with Captain Janeway!

This guys first birthday is coming up soon!


I've been lucky enough to be Zeppelin's kitty mama for 10 years now! Here's to 10 (or 20) more! (Those are soft claws on her paws, not painted nails)

Fiancé made socks for cat

It's this handsome guy's 6th birthday today

I just wanted to share my beautiful derp with fellow cat lovers

my inside cat, who almost never gets outside

Ash is my chatty work buddy. He doesn't appreciate being ignored. 💖

Cayenne turned 14 years old this month

Nothing makes him happier than being little spoon

My kitten's daily battle with the mirror