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Friday, November 24, 2017

There are only 4 circles and none of them touch.

Galaxy ink

Simulated ocean

Northern Lights from space

Ferrofluid Magnetic Tree Sculpture.

Frozen Waterfall

Drone footage of controlled demolition

Someone edited Messiahsez Yo!

Star Wars Cross Stitch (full process in comment)

Took me a while to comprehend

I made these dancers playing around with some animation tools in Photoshop. They dance on time to a lot of songs so I thought y'all'd like it.

Hornet in a cloud.

Cranberry pie

Extreme hot boxing.

It's better with the lights off

The level of aerodynamic design that goes into a formula 1 car's front wing....

Forest bird mimics sounds it hears, including chainsaws from deforestation

Back and forth