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Monday, March 27, 2017

My handsome Willis

Lil Sushi kitty nose 😍 he kisses me when I touch it. I like having my first kitty (crosspost with r/aww)

Lost a family member yesterday

Steady flow of lava pouring into the ocean

October the Cat!!!

Come home from work, get greeted with a head boop and a lil bit of teefies.

I found a 'lost' cat with an interesting tag on his collar.

He was a tiny stray that I took in because the area is full of coyotes. Look how handsome he is!


A monster truck doing a front flip.

World's fastest zip line

[Epilepsy] Total woahs

The tub plug is Rex's calling card for I want a nice fresh drink of water from the shower.

Our new kitten, Scout

We lost one in our cat family last month, I'll always cherish this picture of them together!

The look Bing gives me when he wants cuddles.

Cat logic.

Sup guys

Mathematics, software, and talent

Shaken, Not purred.