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Sunday, October 22, 2017

She may be a bit ridiculous, but I love her to bits.

Reddit, meet Shadow. She's my soul cat.

Neon Fish

Always ending up with extra things you didn't mean to buy at Target!

I played with this street kitten until it passed out in Zadar, Croatia.

"La Mécanique du l’Histoire", performance at Panthéon of Paris.

This tattoo

Light show

Spotting a scorpion with a UV light.

When I stay at my dads, I get my half-sister’s room. And every time I stay, I wake up to this..

Foster kitten update! 10 days of TLC, nursing, & medication has paid off I think.

Projection mapping on a Cardiff church

Yes, Mufasa knows hes magnificent

She's 17 and still the softest animal I've ever pet.

[VIDEO] Panda Candy (see it through till the end)

This beauty showed up a few weeks ago, and decided she likes us. I guess we have an outside cat now!

Cooking with a wok

Theo after his first bath

My sister sent me a picture of this handsome guy who was up for adoption. If I didn’t live 500 miles away I don’t think I could resist.

Dexter Stretching