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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Diver suspended in current.

"All Of The Lights" synced to all of the lights

The Rainbow Mountains In China, Danxia Landform.

So the train station in my city has a cat. And It's adorable.

Waited close to 10 years to be able to adopt a cat. So happy to introduce Queen Wilhelmina Beans aka Billie Beans aka Queenie Beanie 💕

Ever opened incognito mode in Chrome after one too many edibles?

My kitty disappeared for over an hour. Finally found her here.

Over the weekend we lost our dear Futter. We love you!

It’s been years since I’ve had a pizza not smushed my her but how could I deny her her very favorite thing in the world; a pizza box? She’s so worth smushed pizza.💕

My selfish bastard

This sunrise in Utah. (There’s no filters on this)

My Stella passed away a year ago today. I’m so lucky I was able to spend 15 years with her but I still miss her dearly.

My friend makes these awesome pet portraits

Bonito had the last of his teeth removed today and is feeling a bit woozy. Send love and squishes, please!

Sailing Away.

"I caught this lip balm all by myself!"

When the cats coordinate with the decor. Introducing Johnny and June!

Abby loves to hide in bags and boxes,