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Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Actual Technomagery

Spinning tennis ball

Not everyone was happy about our pup’s new sweater.

Giant wave in Portugal

My cat enjoying the weather.

Fishnet worker in Vietnam

Meet Stella (left) and Ron (right). Don't worry, they weren't shipped in that box!

My Sponge balls opened their eyes today...Show them love internet

This jump in Moto 3

Got a night vision camera to keep an eye on my cats, not sure they like it.

My girlfriends cat likes to sit on top of doors

Spintop ninjas

My dad's cat found two baby opossums this morning and is acting like they are her kittens

Putting up groceries and I turn around for two seconds...

Psychedelic brain blast

It's a ball

Hold My Red Bull Elephant

One long stroke