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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Downward dog

Sisters and best friends

I woke Panini up from a catnip-induced crash nap and now she demands a snuggle

This fluffy butt heard about r/cats and wanted to say hi!

Just picked her up from our local shelter!

Lost my best friend of 19 years tonight. I'm inconsolable.

Hot Wheels.

A picture of some 'mountain range' on the moon I took last year. Taken with a smartphone and telescope, so not top tier quality obviously, but I was kind of satisfied with the detail

My sisters cat went to the vet for an operation and came back with fashionable paw warmers

A look through my dad's glasses

This Denny's sugar packet in the menu looks real.

Dressed to impress

Went to an art gallery in NYC. Two artists went to the American-Mexican border to collect items left by the people trying to emigrate, and brought them back to display them. Here are some things they used to try to scale the fence. Person for scale.

Brought her a new toy from the pet shop

The blue bars do not bend and are horizontal. Terrific illusion by Victoria Skye.

Refueling a Nuclear Reactor

I want to meet this Architect.