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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Little Boy Blue Eyes

This Camera Effect.

Africa is ridiculously big.

Oil on linen work in progress

Met this beautiful, grumpy kitty while at work today. Today was a good day. 😍

I call this her Siren pose. Like Greek sailors of old, you will get cut to shreds if you go near that tummy.

Adopted a cat 2 weeks ago and the shelter said she was fixed...she was pregnant.

I made a balcony lawn for my indoor cats..

I still can't believe this little guy was waiting 3 years to be adopted, I think he's just perfect (except when he misses the litter tray, chews my iPhone cords right through and jumps on my face at 5am)

Comet surface conditions, captured by the Rosetta probe

Harry won’t let me leave

Shoe cover machine.

When one door closes, my cat will open it because he's the one in charge here.

Amazing chest piece

Architectural like iceberg.

Mon in hunter mode 😼

My lovely Willow

My red cats