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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Like mother like son

My idea of a perfect Sunday


My newest and tiniest best friend

I see you! 🙃

This is Tuna, he thinks he's majestic (xpost r/aww)

Best friends.

Hey Reddit, you'll enjoy the new member of our family. She doesn't have a name yet.

Morty says "hi"

Just cat life...

Vaccine time for the foster kittens

She is so drugged out, just got spayed.

My childhood cat, Charlie, doesn't take much to other animals, except my kitten Maggie, his best friend.

Cross-eyed Caturday 😻

This is JujuBean. She spent the first two years of her life in foster care with little to no interest from adopters because of her cerebellar hypoplasia giving her a "special needs" label. We've had her a little over 2 years now and she's definitely the smartest, most endearing cat in our bunch.

Mourning today's unexpected loss of my best friend. I can't bear the thought she won't be here anymore. My baby girl. My kiddo. My best friend. Blep queen. I love you forever and you will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace. Losa Grey 6/24/17

Anyone else identify with this comic?

NSFW A kitten was found on the street like this. Poor little guy.