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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sisters and best friends

I woke Panini up from a catnip-induced crash nap and now she demands a snuggle

This fluffy butt heard about r/cats and wanted to say hi!

Just picked her up from our local shelter!

Lost my best friend of 19 years tonight. I'm inconsolable.

My sisters cat went to the vet for an operation and came back with fashionable paw warmers

Dressed to impress

Brought her a new toy from the pet shop

This is Pudge. He lost his Mother when he was only 4 weeks old. Since then, he always has to touch/lay on something for closeness. I love this guy more than most people.

My beautiful baby, Lana.

This is Gallifrey, she helped my wife get through pregnancy when I was away for long stretches at work. She passed away the day after my daughter was born.

My foster baby has different bean color combos on each foot

Adopted him a year ago from the street. He is real comfortable now :)

This may not mean much to some people but I finally got my super timid cat to sit on the couch with me and my fiancé . She was adopted last Tuesday and is having a hard time adjusting but we're working on it

Someone gave us quite a scare today, but luckily this old lady just has a UTI. Pictured here: Grandma cat high on pain meds.

Found this little guy alone in the woods

He may not be super brave, but Leo still loves to spend time out on the patio!

He lost his tail, I had food poisoning. After 16 years, he was the best little bro a guy could ask for. I'll miss ya Shogun.

My precious lil' flower 😻