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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Not everyone was happy about our pup’s new sweater.

My cat enjoying the weather.

Meet Stella (left) and Ron (right). Don't worry, they weren't shipped in that box!

My Sponge balls opened their eyes today...Show them love internet

Got a night vision camera to keep an eye on my cats, not sure they like it.

My girlfriends cat likes to sit on top of doors

My dad's cat found two baby opossums this morning and is acting like they are her kittens

Putting up groceries and I turn around for two seconds...

It's a ball

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Megan's got her eye on another ginger.

From a tiny 12 week, 1 lb, barely surviving kitten, to this!

Today my beautiful cat at age 16 died so I thought I should post the last photo of him I took

look who's on guard duty!

A while ago this sub sent me so many wonderful messages about my girl Joan who was 18. If anyone who saw that post sees this, Joan passed away a week ago in her home and surrounded by the people who loved her so much. This is her at her prime. Your kindness to her meant the world to me. Thank you.

Bowie is devastated that I didnt give him my pizza crust

Tummy rubs

We just found this little guy in a park in France. She seems fairly strong, but any advice will be welcome!

She’s turning 4 this year, but this will forever be my favourite snapshot. Still loves bathtubs!

We had a radiator problem that melted the frosting on our bathroom glass... The cats use it to deny me dignity.

Like mother like daughter