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Monday, May 29, 2017

Rip Jack was not even a year old.

My fiance's kitty is 23. After him, she's the second oldest child in the family.

He is pure happiness, I love him

Patio table paw

Guess neither my sister nor my cat can sleep with the lights on

Hi Reddit, I'm Poppy and I'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow. I'm actually more intelligent than my derpy expression suggests.

Reddit, meet Gizmo. I have to make sure not to feed her after midnight.

Bowie sleeping

Adopted 3 weeks ago. They are absolutely magical cats.

I stayed up past her bedtime.

Our new baby ❤ adopted a week ago to help ease the pain of our previous kittens sudden passing. We love her so much

Caspian, just relaxing.

This cutie turned 4 today🎂

when it's cold, harry gets creative with his source of warmth.

She likes to saddle the arm of the couch

This is Jack. He likes posing for the camera in interesting positions.