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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happy birthday to my precious Eevee! ❤️

Update on Perry. His IBS has cleared up and he’s up to 17 lbs! For his size and frame that’s a healthy weight. He feels better too! Probiotics and food change really helped him!

My picture taking habits, before and after i got a cat.

She’s cute and she knows it.

Neighbor sent me this pic when I'm away, guess it's time for me to check on my cats

Leo's first week home 😊

At just over 5 lbs at 10 months, vet says she's done growing. I love our tiny tail-less runt.

He's my little snow leopard

Pet me hooman.!!!

Lumen, right by side through divorce, 2 moves, many life changes.

Rest In Peace, Milo. You gave me an amazing 15 years.

Snowy likes being indoors, not out in snow.

That face when you first hear the tuna-can opening