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Sunday, July 16, 2017

They do everything together...

My baby got hit by a car today. She was only 1 year old

Rocky & jocky sleeping now

9 days with a kitten! Belly rubs and letting me file he's nails :/ absolutely love him. Feel like I have won the jackpot.

My handsome Rory chilling on the stoop 💕

When you take 100+ photos a day of your cat, you're bound to get a good one every once in a while


She's a little bit cross-eyed.

Meet Lady Ophelia

Just got my little girl yesterday. Her name is Gaia.

George is a cat.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I think she's broken

It was a really long week and my cat allowed me to use him as a pillow so I could hear him purr and destress.

I spoke with the Admins about sharing Facebook & Instagram pages for your cats after being worried about the privacy ruling on Reddit. Suffice to say, /r/cats will now be allowing Facebook & Instagram pages for your cats. There's one condition though.

"She was more like a beauty queen, from a movie scene." A neighbour's much loved cat visited me on my way home from work yesterday.

My grandpas old but majestic cat

My new scarf keeps me warm

I always come here to see your cats, but never thought of showing you mine

We found this lovely girl in our backyard. We are trying to find her owner (if she has one) but she's getting lots of love now!

Marley left, Luke right. Been together their whole lives!