Saturday, June 24, 2017

Solar System planets as fruits

So a guy walks into a bar...

Meet "Danger Cat" he was caged for a long time until we rescued him. Now he randomly attacks our ankles - hence the name "Danger Cat"

Accurate Petting chart

Today is her 17th birthday!

The difference one year of love and care can make.

My husband went grocery shopping and now I have a fruit basket full of cupcakes.

To the asshole with the mustard packets...

Sheep is so ready to be ride

Last Christmas I..

This handsome lump is 11 years old. Best friends for 6 years!

I'm finally getting the hang of prepping meals.

Carpet is my favorite band

Can't fault the logic of this bar.

Sometimes the world needs a Hero...

Psychedelic coloring page. Used every color in a 48-count box of colored pencils.

Getting back at your cat for being an asshole

Escher Circle

Revenge of the Steam Summer Sale

This is so metal......

The dress of the girl in my train

Best Radiohead song ever.

Optical Illusions

The "I stole your chair" pose

She's waiting patiently for me to put my laptop away and go to bed.

Pleaaaaase staaaaaaaaap

Look at this face. Look at it. You feel better now, right?

Portraits Of Relatives Who Look Alike

Chillest Downtempo Mix [SPOTIFY]

these moves

"Goddamnit, who left the stairs open!?"

Frenzi does not care if there's a banana on her head.

You have not unlocked this area yet.

are u ready?

My GF doesn't subscribe to my brand of humor

A photo of my cat, Toby, the night I adopted him at 8 weeks old. He just turned 3 y/o a few weeks ago.

Well this is awkward.

This meeting is brought to you by the letter 'F' for "fuuuuuuuuu--"

My sister is a second grade teacher and received this from one of her students.

I got a picture of my cat just before a sneeze

Artist transforms herself into mind bending optical illusions without photoshop

It's kind of adorable in here

Caspian is desperate for cuddles

Thought it was a woman's ass at first

My dogs logic...

This is Link, he will be a year old in August. He likes to play fetch!

AC broken @ 114*

She owns the house and all of the technology inside.

I finally found a lifevest small enough for my liveaboard cat! Now he doesn't have to be locked in the cabin when we sail. He loves being able to see and smell everything we pass, especially the fishing vessels!

Meet Vyvyan and Rik, adopted last weekend from Bradford cat rescue, UK. Welcome to your forever home little floofs x