Sunday, July 23, 2017


Road Trip

Sporting their post op shaved bellies

Lightning striking once

Intricate handcut paper pattern

When the windshield wipers stop working during heavy rain

Girls are not complicated

No snapchat, that's not what I wanted...

Dudes got game

He's shy around everyone else but open to us.

My new rescue aby found the window perch :)

While my husband is away for the weekend, I woke up to find my cat sleeping on his shirt. Made my heart melt.

Cleaning out a backed up pipe

Caught my cat making a face.

Language issues


This desktop....

RARE Contrails | Early morning 787 Dreamliner

What a save from our fallen brother.

I think I've got everything packed now...

This guy's got skills

Greatest ticket ever

Our amazing little Abyssinian Peri passed peacefully to kitty heaven after 13 years. She was the very special love of our lives and she will always live in our hearts. Goodby my little baby.

Meet my new kitten Eleven :) we flew to a sanctuary in California to get her; she has trouble walking and a bad limp on her back leg for an unknown reason but she doesn't know she's any different

Missile Control tells it like it is


My favorite color is... Hitler.

Subreddit Of The Month [July 2017]: /r/TumblrComedyGold. Know of a small (under 20,000 subscribers) humor-based subreddit that deserves a month in the spotlight? Link it inside!

This is Bean under a sheet under a blanket snuggled in my husbands arm. We call this face "the googly eyes" because it's her specific face when she wants attention and her slightly dilated eyes will follow your every move until you lie down and give her the snuggles.

Beautiful Lunar eclipse from our flat earth

Clever Ad by Tabasco

The best plates I've ever seen

Possibly the cutest picture I've ever taken

Outline of rivers in the U.S look like veins

She doesn't at all fit, but it's not stopping her sitting

Not Shopped.This was painted on various surfaces

When all else fails, use the snoot


Devil gets re-trapped immediately after release

This is how I'm going to eat pizza from now on

Very subtle

My dog got into a bag of green powder that was supposed to be used for a color run.

Be careful with who you stream around

"Relaxing cat music"

How I imagine reddit fame to be like

This keyboard has an optical illusion

Come on in, the water is warm

Different strokes for different folks.