Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Steve and Crystal

Found this bad boy on the clearance rack. Ready to grow my extra set of arms this winter

How to make fun of friends

On second thought... not hungry...

5 star review for the Roku Streaming Stick

Tesla vs Toyota

An artist's rendering of the first asteroid we've seen from outside our own solar system

Winters are tough on slower people.

Neighborhood Skiing.

Now that’s a silent mouse

Everyone, meet Thumbelina. We heard her meow cries and rescued her from an abandoned house.

I really hope they let us choose this......

I’ve had dreams like this.

Our lab puppy got into the food bag last night. $250 later, I️ have this keepsake of his gluttony. No organs - just kibble.

Adding cream to black tea

Net neutrality is coming to an end next month I beg of you to stand up and fight back against the FCC make them know we will not stand for this! Even a simple tweet or post about to raise awareness and it truly helps

There are two types of teachers. Guess which of them I had? :')

So I ordered a burrito "to go" with no olives. This was on top of the box.

Steve, adding some positivity to my day.

Thought this was a cool picture of my cat Kiddo

Oh I'm sorry, were you sitting here?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Natural patterns inside a salt mine.

The new way to ID

Juniper Sugarpaws talking to some dragonflies

Ryan Gosling had some serious dance moves.

Despite being adopted at different times and live in a home with multiple cats, Bucky and Sam are best pals and have become inseparable.

Winter cuddles on the cat chair

I guess that's one option...

Backpack seller answers a question

oh bobbysan

Updraft vs. illegal waste disposal

Photographer found himself dwarfed by driftwood on the beach.

Preparing a deli sandwich

"So thaaaat's what my shoes smell like"

"so you're saying that meowing at 6am cause I'm hungry is wrong and I shouldn't do that?" Happy Birthday, buddy

Clouds flowing like the ocean

Calvin relates to me too much

Middle Class Syndrome

And no one’s been there for you

A Vicious Cycle

I guess they aren't a fan

Actual good guy Charlie Sheen - ALS ice bucket challenge

This is Chicken.

My 9 year old cat never showed affection. I came back from a 3 day trip and woke up to this.

World War dirty van art

This car is lit .

Lil miss Penny Lane ..getting her grin on 😇 happy baby feline

Sir McKitty the brave

After they broke up she removed him out of the picture and photo-shopped a tree instead

What did he do?