Monday, June 18, 2018

RIP my love. 14 years of sleeping on my chest, bringing me mice and other presents, couldn’t stop her going out and getting hit by a car. Praying that she didn’t suffer.

Update on abandoned cat pet request

The widest loaf

I think this might belong here. [OC]

At the Southwestern Research Station there is an initiative to remove invasive bull frogs from ponds. During the removal process they found a tadpole of gigantic proportions. BEHOLD

This dude is going to be a heart breaker

Whoever abandoned this needs to do some explaining

Light Painted Tree

Meatball was just like me... Kinda weird and loved a cold beverage. I had to put him down after 13 years, today. Catch you in the void, little guy... You were one of a kind.

Leonidas, investigating me in the bath tub. Conclusion: humans are nuts.